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Timmy Tickle is a colourful and ticklish octopus who loves to play and learn
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Timmy Tickle is an interactive story app for children that introduces a beautifully animated octopus who loves to play and learn. The app also features a stunning paint section, where children can colour Timmy's adventures.

  • cheer Timmy up by tickling him
  • match which fruit he’s imitating
  • play nursery rhymes on Timmy’s xylophone
  • learn to count with his colourful balloons
  • help Timmy wash up and spin-dry plates
  • make him roller-skate (and help him up if he falls)
  • discover Timmy’s enchanting costume collection
  • help dim the lights so Timmy can get some rest

  • PadGadget.com

    "The graphics are high-quality 3-D computer generated images, the likes of which Pixar would be impressed with. The imagery is colorful and simple, just perfect for a new or not-yet reader."
  • Awarded a Kirkus Star

    "A play date with this cheerful little octopod will provide several educational opportunities, but it’s Timmy’s jovial disposition and his appetite for adventure that will likely keeps kids coming back for more."
  • AppAdvice.com

    "The app is beautifully designed. All the graphics are crisp and clean and the menus are clutter free. It is so simple that even a two year-old could operate it! Timmy Tickle is a very cute and entertaining game for young children."


  • Harriet Pellereau is a digital creative, code trainer and technology enthusiast. In 2011 Harriet became exicted about how touchscreen devices and toddlers were interacting, and created Timmy Tickle to explore this potential.

    Leaning on her experience with 3D animation, graphic design and launching into the world of objective-c programming, Harriet teased an orange octopus from her imagination and has been crafting her app ever since.

  • In 2013 she collaborated with her The Apprentice winning brother Tom Pellereau, to create a Timmy Tickle distraction app to accompany his innovative baby nail clipper, The Nipper Clipper.

    The Nipper Clipper has a handy safety spy hole that lets you see exactly what you’re cutting, whilst the app Timmy Tickle Baby helps distract active babies. Finally, the curved S-file baby gently smoothes baby nails after clipping.

  • Harriet now works for Decoded, evangelising the creativity and wonder of code facilitating their 'digital enlightenment' day courses in Code, Data and Technology in their London HQ and around the world.

    Harriet is involved with developing courses that empower people and give a fundamental understanding of the technologies behind the screen, with a personal mission to encourage women in technology roles.

Privacy Policy

I don't collect any data from Timmy Tickle users. I only hope people enjoy meeting Timmy and he brings a smile to small faces. If you enjoy my app, please let me know at harriet@nimblebean.com

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